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About Us

A-Park TRAVEL AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENTS MANUFACTURER OF ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY CO.LTD. Play Garden brand in 1998, with the business sector, as STI, Trambolinni with the brand started its activities in the manufacturing and importing.

Imports include: Inflatable game trails, Soft Play (main lap), Amusement park equipment, sports equipment, entertainment equipment, Aqua park equipment, Battery Powered Go Kart, Animation supplies, coin channels, Pedal Boat, games are fun and vending machines.

If Major Products, Plastic or Metal Coin, Trombolin, Salto, Ball pool (PoolBall), Sand painting booth, Modular Pool, Air Hockey, Sekolin, Hanging Jeep, Ferris Wheel-shaped.

Products in our portfolio in terms of quality and price advantage over companies that choose us.
A-Park Co., Ltd.. Sti. after-sales parts and service support for the operation of the product to ensure continuity and increase the profitability of your company.

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